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Talk to Me Qties

Hey Qties, I’m having a full day of editing and a lot of editing time is spent waiting for rendering to finish so let’s chat!  Send me ask, ask questions, tell me what books your reading, what shows your watching, gossip with me, tell me all your secrets! Seriously rendering takes for freakin’ ever. I need to keep my mind active! Go! Now! 

Anonymous sent: This is the anon starting college this fall. Thanks so much for your advise, I really appreciate all of it. And I don't think I phrased my last question correctly. I meant other than the JET program are you familiar with any other programs or company's for teaching English in Japan? Also I love your blog and videos!

Oh yeah there are a bunch. Interac is considered the 2nd best I believe so if you apply for both JET and Interac you’ll probably get at least one. I’m actually considering applying for Interac at the moment so I’ll be much more useful on their process.  There are a few others that are slipping my mind for their name at the moment but there are also some eikaiwa (english language schools) like Coco Juku and Aeon that are relatively decent if for some reason you don’t get JET or Interac. And thank you for your support! I hope you get to go to Japan! 

ashlee-in-japan sent: This is referring to that person calling you a Weeaboo. Don't let them make you feel like they insulted your character. You're awesome, and very informative, you're passionate, and I love your videos. You can't make everyone happy or like you and I'm sure you know that. Some people can't be happy and are genuine assholes. Just be you and keep doing what you're doing!

Thank you, I feel much better about the comment now. It was just the first time anyone had dared to call me a weeaboo and while it’s fine for everyone to go through a weeaboo stage in their life, I’m 27 and an educated adult with a degree in Linguistics and East Asian studies.  Calling me that was just the dumbest possible comment a person could leave on one of my videos.  But I’m really glad to see all the support that I do have with the Qties, you guys are awesome and thank you and everyone else for watching and supporting me even when times get down like this.  I’m already over the comment I just needed to vent about it for a little and now it’s back to editing! 

Anonymous sent: I'm starting college this fall ( I know I have awhile to go) but I have my heart set on teaching English in Japan, after a trip there and fell in love. I love children and I love Japan so I thought JET would be a perfect fit. I'm planning on Majoring in Elementary Education and taking lessons on the side in Japanese. Do you think I would have a good chance on getting in JET? I know there's no guide to how they choose candidates. Also what other resources could I use in teaching there?

I think those are great qualifications for JET. And should at least get you to the interview process, just make sure to write a really good essay and nail your interview. There are some practice questions on the application website that you should take a look at and it will give you a better idea of what to expect. As for resources, a lot of people actually make the mistake of bring stuff with you when you really won’t need any because they will be provided by your school or further shared between JETs in your area at the many conferences you will attend so I can’t really recommend them.  This also depends on if you are an elementary, junior high, or high school JET because the school systems are all very unique between them, especially high schools which become even more diverse depending on if they are rural, urban, private, etc.  For now I would just focus on getting everything you can out of your college experience, expose yourself as much to Japanese as possible and then when graduation happens get that application spotless.  I wish you all the best of luck! 

weeabitchez sent: Your plight. It is my own, friend. Japanese studies major, took Japanese all through high school, gonna study abroad next year, and yeah. I enjoy anime and the dorama here and there (and everywhere) and I've been wea-boo'd (I'm sorry thats the worst pun) and I think if you just poke fun at the title (hence my blog name.. and entire blog haha) it kind of makes it loose its power.

It just made me so mad, cuz I hadn’t really ever been called it before and it didn’t even make sense to call me that because they said on my HISTORY video. It would have made more sense on my Sailor Moon Crystal episode or my anime ranking episodes…I would get it then but this one just didn’t make sense for me and it enraged.  I’m glad you’ve been able to take the name and turn it around for yourself, I’ll try to in the future, just this one instance made no sense and really insulted my character.  

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