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Aw that made me super happy.  Thank you anon!

it was a bad idea to edit video this late…I am so tired…but I must finish…head dropping…eyes closing.noooooooooooooooooooiajgrooooooooooot  wow…I keysmashed groot… 

I was tagged by @reijinbeauty to answer these questions:

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.
3. Tag 11 people.
4. Actually tell them you tagged them

Questions I was asked:

1. When’s the last time you cried. 

     Uh…about a week or two ago.

2. Why?

     A fight with the parental units.

3. Cuddle or Fuck?


4. If you could go back to any time in the past 20 years and redo from there (with the knowledge of what you’re changing) would you?

Yes. I have a lot of college regrets. 

5. What would you redo?

    Knowing what I know now I would have started earlier with linguistics instead of trying to pile it all on the last two years and gotten a better start on the Japan life thing. 

6. What’s the last thing that made you smile so much it almost hurt? 

   Getting this really awesome fanmail letter and a fracklebucket button a few weeks ago. XD

7. If someone bought you a star, what would you name it?

    I would name it Planet so that it would get a complex. 

8. If you won the lottery, whats the first (non-investing) purchase you’d make?

    Probably lots and lots of plane tickets to travel around the world with my best friends.

9. If someone offered you the chance to make a living going to school with incredible pay and a comfy life providing you actually went to classes and did work, would you take the job?

Hell yeah, school is easy now that I look back on it. 

10. What makes you feel strong inside?

   Knowing that what I do with my life is not a waste and even though it’s not much it helps someone out there.

11. Do your feet smell right now (sniff!!! I’ll know if you don’t ;] )

   Just checked and for the end of the day they are surprisingly not bad. Well done, feet. 

My Questions:

1.  If you could be an aquatic creature what aquatic creature would you be?

2. If you could get rid of one state in the US, which would you get rid of? Don’t worry, it won’t kill the people living in it it would simply erase that state from every existing in history. 

3. If you could star in one Broadway musical except Wicked, what musical would it be? 

4. Do you still remember the Quadratic Formula, without googling prove it.

5. M&Ms or Skittles?

6. Would you rather constantly burp or constantly hiccup in public? 

7. If the Purge was a legit thing, what would you do? 

8. As a muggleborn student, what muggle thing would you try to introduce to purebloods at Hogwarts?

9. If you were about to die and the grim reaper came to you and said they would let you live for another 10 years if you A) Danced the Electric Slide for a week straight in a busy subway station or B) Read Fifty Shades of Grey out loud to your grandparents  which would you choose or would you just give in and let him take you?

10. If you could cure one disease right now, what would you cure? 

11. I shouldn’t be writing these questions this late at night…If you could switch the position of two body parts (i.e. switch hands and feet) what two body parts would you swap? 

Alrighty, I am tagging: 

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Q on a Diet

So for those of you wondering about the diet and stuff, I made a separate blog for it. Right now there’s not much there but I will do daily updates and will be posting information about the diet regularly for those curious about it or for those who want to help cheer me on.  



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