Harry Potter Themed Asked

1. Hogwarts: Where's your favorite place in the world?
2. Sorting Hat: What Hogwarts House would you place yourself in?
3. Griffindor: Talk about a situation where you had to be brave.
4. Ravenclaw: What's something you're good at?
5. Hufflepuff: Talk about someone that you are loyal to.
6. Slytherin: Talk about your greatest ambition.
7. Diagon Alley: What is something you've always wanted to buy?
8. Ministry of Magic: What would be your dream job?
9(3/4). Platform 9 and 3/4: What's something that's always seemed impossible to you?
10. Hogsmede: What's the best school trip you've ever been on?
11. Harry Potter: Talk about a challenge you've overcome.
12. Ronald Weasley: Talk about a friend you once/still have.
13. Hermione: What's your favorite book?
14. Luna Lovegood: Do you believe in any superstitions?
15. Neville Longbottom: Talk about a fear you've overcome.
16. Ginny Weasley: Talk about someone you've admired.
17. Draco Malfoy: What's something you regret?
18. Fred and George: Talk about a time you pranked someone/were pranked by someone
19. Dobby: What's a cause you're loyal to?
20. Hedwig: Would you bring an animal to Hogwarts? If so, which one?
21. Astronomy: What's your favorite object in the night sky?
22. Potions: Talk about someone you initially mistrusted but proved to be cool.
23. Quidditch: What's a hobby you enjoy?
24. Transfiguration: If you could be an animagus, what form would you take?
25. Defense Against the Dark Arts: What would you guess your patronus is? Why?
26. Divination: Talk about a dream you've had within the past week.
27. Muggle Studies: Name one muggle item you'd take to Hogwarts.
28. Care of Magical Creatures: Unicorns, Dragons, or Hippogriffs?
29. History of Magic: What's your opinion of Merlin?
30. Herbology: If you could grow any plant, real or not, what would it be?
31. Nimbus 2000: What's something you've always wanted?
32. Wingardium Leviosa: What's something you had initial difficulties with?
33. Boggart: What's your greatest fear?
34. Invisibility Cloak: What's something you've wanted to hide from?
35. Polyjuice Potion: What's something you wished you could change about your appearance?
36. Amortentia: What would your amortentia smell like?
37. Marauder's Map: If you could have a secret passage in your house, where would you want it to lead to?
38. Time Turner: If you could go anywhere in Time, where would you go?
39. Mirror of Erised: What do you think you'd see in the Mirror of Erised?
40. Deathly Hallows: If you had the choice, would you pick, the wand, the stone, or the cloak?
41. Bertie Bott's: What's your favorite candy?
42. Parsel tongue: What language would you love to speak?
43. Olivander: Describe your wand.
44. Ghosts: Who's your favorite ghost/poltergeist in the series?
45. Miranda Goshawk: If you could invent a spell, what would it do?
46. Goblet of Fire: If you had the chance, would you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?
47. Room of Requirement: What sort of Room would you want to see in the Room of Requirement?
48. Gilderoy Lockheart: If you could live the life of a book character, who would you pick?
49. Fidelius Charm: Who would you pick as your secret keeper?
50. Pensieve: What memory would you love to relive?

So I’m rather close to finishing reading Falling Kingdoms…but I also have a lot of cataloging work to do…place your votes cuz crap I don’t know…what do you think?

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Anonymous sent: Q, are you not daily dosing anymore? ;A;

There have been some technical difficulties with the daily dose videos at the moment that I’m trying to repair, I didn’t think anyone would notice though haha so I hadn’t officially announced anything.  Trying to get it fixed asap though! 


Traveling in Japan

Qties, check out this great article about travel in Japan and the amazing website Matcha for learners of Japanese traveling in Japan.  It’s great stuff, highly recommend!